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Basttun is a collision between the Béarnais tambourin á cordes and the Swedish drone fiddle, two instruments separated by geography but united by their deep tone and resonating strings. Taking their repertoire from the forests of western Sweden and Southern France, Anna Rheingans and John-Francis Goodacre create dark and entrancing dance music that draws its energy from the playing of older fiddlers such as Lejsme Per and Léon Peyrat. 


Anna Rheingans (tambourin á cordes, fiddle, flabuta), best known from her duo The Rheingans Sisters, has spent years immersed in music archives from Toulouse to Trondheim. John-Francis Goodacre (drone fiddle, fiddle, spilåpipa) is a folk music archivist and musician based in the Swedish town of Rättvik. Born into the same English family folk dynasty, together they have found a common language in the older styles of folk music from the respective traditions within which they have immersed themselves.

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