Anna has over 8 years' experience teaching both individual violin lessons and music ensembles. 


Depending on the context, her focusses vary between instrumental technique; classical and folk violin; regional styles of dance music from the Occitanie region (Southern France); regional styles of Scandinavian fiddle music; traditional music of the British Isles; music theory, and composition/arranging within traditional styles.


When teaching traditional tunes, Anna demonstrates the important rhythmic and tonal elements that characterise this music and create its ‘cadanse’ or danceability. 


Anna has taught masterclasses in Occitan music throughout Europe and as far reached as Australia. Having also studied folk music in Sweden and more recently Norway, she also demonstrates interesting comparisons between the repertoires that she has explored and enjoys working with in both play and composition.

Anna also plays and teaches old-time style clawhammer banjo.

All lessons include personalised recap videos:



Individual Violin Lesson             £35/hour


Individual Violin Lesson            

(pack of 4)                             £120 (£30/hour)

Individual 5-string Banjo lesson.    £30/hour

Half-hour lessons                                    £20

*All lessons currently via Zoom




"I had six fiddle lessons with Anna learning Occitan dance music, which I found incredibly valuable and enjoyable. Anna knows this tradition intricately and each lesson she presented an array of contrasting tunes for me to pick from. The recap videos were very helpful for practice; as a reminder of the tunes and also honing in on parts that we focused on. She also very generously sent me further information on each Occitan region, including recordings, videos and bands to look up for my own learning and research. The lessons were thoughtful and I felt that Anna understood my playing well, choosing tunes that I found exciting but also a little challenging. I was amazed to find that Occitan music is so varied, region to region; Anna's passion and expertise in the style, coupled with well-paced teaching reinvigorated my playing and expanded my repertoire. Thank you!"  Rosa


"J'ai beaucoup progressé au violon grace aux précieux conseils d'Anna. Elle sait transmettre le gout de jouer et mettre en confiance le jeune apprenti, toujours avec bonne humeur." Olivier


"I had a really exciting and inspiring lesson exploring specific styles of French dance music. The lesson opened my eyes to how I can make the instrument come alive and dance through different bow strokes and ornaments. Anna sent so many amazing recordings and resources for the lesson, and a helpful recap video that i'm always referring to. The lesson encouraged me to think creatively about tunes, and I now love slipping french tunes into arrangements alongside other musical styles. So friendly, interesting and honest - I can't wait to learn more from Anna's incredible playing!" Cori


"Les cours de violon avec Anna sont super intéressants, tout d’abord car c’est une super musicienne dont j’adore le style! Et je pense que pour se perfectionner en musique il faut apprendre d’un enseignant dont on aime vraiment le style musical. Il faut ensuite une juste dose de pédagogie dont elle n’est pas dénuée non plus pour transmettre des éléments plus techniques voire hardus ! Ça n’est pas toujours facile d’apprendre d’oreille (pour moi, en tous cas) et j’ai apprécié qu’elle se réfère si nécéssaire aux bases de la musique avec la partition. Donc tout y est !

Avec Anna, j’ai découvert les musiques traditionnelles scandinaves avec énormément de plaisir car elle transmet la musique en l’incarnant. Et jouer avec elle est source de joie et d'inspiration ! Je la recommande vivement !" Hélène


"Je recommande vivement Anna sans hésiter. Elle enseigne le violon à mon fils depuis 2 ans. Il a bien progressé et trouve du plaisir à jouer. Elle est douce, patiente et très attentionnée et a le sens de l'enseignement. N’hésitez pas à la contacter!" Fatima


"I came to Anna for tuition in the Auvergne fiddle repertoire in which she's an expert. She was patient, encouraging and gave good feedback. I play hurdy gurdy, not fiddle but her comments on my technique were thoughtful and helpful." Clare


"Anna has a really calm, methodical teaching style, and great taste in tunes. I’ve learnt loads about technique and have been finding it so much easier to pick up tunes by ear. Highly recommended!"  Oli


"En peu de cours de banjo 5 cordes, Anna a su me donner le goût pour cet instrument et le répertoire qui va avec. Elle s'adapte à mon niveau en me proposant de jouer de ses propres compositions ou des traditionels. Toujours accourageante, toujours bienveillante, après seulement deux leçons je suis devenu "banjo addict" et je ne peux plus me passer de mon heure de banjo quotidienne."  Vincent

"Anna has a very positive approach; she encourages and praises at the right moments. The tunes I am learning present a variety of challenges. I am really enjoying our Banjo sessions." Dudley